XOOPS  2.6.0
Todo List
globalScope> Member $XoopsIncludeVersionString
This should be eleminated in favor of ::VERSION, but it is still required in installer
Namespace core
Modularize; Both search algorithms and interface will be redesigned
Namespace include
Will be refactored
Namespace kernel
To be handled by i18n/l10n
Member MyTextSanitizer::filterXss ($text)
: To be improved
Member Notifications::eventEnabled (&$category, &$event, $dirname)
Check that this works correctly for comment and other events which depend on additional config options...
Member NotificationsNotificationHandler::getByItemId ($module_id, $item_id, $order=null, $status=null)
is this a useful function?? (Copied from comment_handler)
Member NotificationsNotificationHandler::getByUser ($user_id)
this will be to provide a list of everything a particular user has subscribed to... e.g. for on the 'Profile' page, similar to how we see the various posts etc. that the user has made. We may also want to have a function where we can specify module id
Member NotificationsNotificationHandler::getNotification ($module_id, $category, $item_id, $event, $user_id)

rename this

Also, should we have get by module, get by category, etc...??

Member NotificationsNotificationHandler::getSubscribedEvents ($category, $item_id, $module_id, $user_id)
rename this?
Member NotificationsNotificationHandler::subscribe ($category, $item_id, $events, $mode=null, $module_id=null, $user_id=null)
: how about a function to subscribe a whole group of users??? e.g. if we want to add all moderators to be notified of subscription of new threads...
Member NotificationsNotificationHandler::triggerEvents ($category, $item_id, $events, $extra_tags=array(), $user_list=array(), $module_id=null, $omit_user_id=null)
(?) - pass in an event LIST. This will help to avoid problem of sending people multiple emails for similar events. BUT, then we need an array of mail templates, etc... Unless mail templates can include logic in the future, then we can tailor the mail so it makes sense for any of the possible (or combination of) events.
Member NotificationsNotificationHandler::unsubscribe ($category, $item_id, $events, $module_id=null, $user_id=null)
allow these to use current module, etc...
Member NotificationsNotificationHandler::unsubscribeByModule ($module_id)
When 'update' a module, may need to switch around some
Member SearchPluginInterface::search ($queries, $andor, $limit, $start, $uid)
the result item should be a defined object
Member System::loadLanguage ($name, $domain= '', $language=null)
expand domain to multiple categories, e.g. module:system, framework:filter, etc.
globalScope> Member system_loadLanguage ($name, $domain= '', $language=null)
expand domain to multiple categories, e.g. module:system, framework:filter, etc.
Member Xmf::translate ($string, $domain=null)
do something useful
Member Xoops::executeUpdate ($query, array $params=array(), array $types=array())
build a better exception catching system.
Member Xoops::query ()

add error report for using non select while not safe.

need to check if doctrine allows more than one query to be sent. This code assumes only one query is sent and anything else sent is not a query. This will have to be readdressed if this is wrong.

Member Xoops::getConnection ($options=null)
change driver to support other databases and support for port, unix_socket and driver options.
Member Xoops::getEnv ($name, $default=null)
this methods and Xoops::getEnv() need to be unified
Member Xoops::deleteByLink (CriteriaElement $criteria=null)
DELETE ... LEFT JOIN is not portable Note Alain91 : multi tables delete is not allowed in Doctrine
Member Xoops::updateByLink (array $data, CriteriaElement $criteria=null)
UPDATE ... LEFT JOIN is not portable Note Alain91 : multi tables update is not allowed in Doctrine
Member Xoops::getHtmlErrors ()
remove harcoded strings
globalScope> Member xoops_loadLanguage ($name, $domain= '', $language=null)
expand domain to multiple categories, e.g. module:system, framework:filter, etc.
Class XoopsConfigHandler
Tests that need to be made:
  • error handling public
Member xoopslists::getUserRankList ()

create handler for ranks

Member XoopsMemberHandler::loginUser ($uname, $pwd)
- md5 support should be completely removed eventually
Member XoopsModule::loadInfo ($dirname, $verbose=true)
the $modVersions array should be built once when modules are installed/updated and then cached