XOOPS RMCommon Utilities
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1 <div class="bkbk_forms">
2  <form name="frmaddpos" id="frm-add-pos" />
3  <label><?php _e('Position Name','rmcommon'); ?></label>
4  <input type="text" name="posname" value="" />
5  <span class="desc"><?php _e('Input a name to identify this position (<em>eg. Left blocks</em>)','rmcommon'); ?></span>
6  <label><?php _e('Position tag','rmcommon'); ?></label>
7  <input type="text" name="postag" value="" />
8  <span class="desc"><?php _e('Specify a name for the smarty tag to use in templates (eg. left_blocks). This tag will be used as Smarty tag (eg. &lt;{$left_blocks}&gt).','rmcommon'); ?></span>
9  <input type="button" name="bk_add_pos" id="add-position" value="<?php _e('Add Position','rmcommon'); ?>" />
10  <?php echo $xoopsSecurity->getTokenHTML(); ?>
11  </form>
12  <span class="other_options"><a href="#" id="exspos"><?php _e('Existing positions','docs'); ?> <span>&#8711;</span></a></span>
13  <div id="existing-positions">
14  <?php foreach($positions as $pos): ?>
15  <span><?php echo $pos['name']; ?> <a href="#" class="edit-<?php echo $pos['id']; ?>"><?php _e('edit','rmcommon'); ?></a></span>
16  <?php endforeach; ?>
17  </div>
18 </div>