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Swift_Transport_IoBuffer Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

 initialize (array $params)
 readLine ($sequence)
 setParam ($param, $value)
 setWriteTranslations (array $replacements)
 terminate ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Swift_InputByteStream
 bind (Swift_InputByteStream $is)
 commit ()
 flushBuffers ()
 unbind (Swift_InputByteStream $is)
 write ($bytes)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Swift_OutputByteStream
 read ($length)
 setReadPointer ($byteOffset)

Public Attributes

const TYPE_PROCESS = 0x0010
const TYPE_SOCKET = 0x0001

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file IoBuffer.php.

Member Function Documentation

Swift_Transport_IoBuffer::initialize ( array  $params)

Perform any initialization needed, using the given $params. Parameters will vary depending upon the type of IoBuffer used.


Implemented in Swift_Transport_StreamBuffer.

Swift_Transport_IoBuffer::readLine (   $sequence)

Get a line of output (including any CRLF). The $sequence number comes from any writes and may or may not be used depending upon the implementation.

int$sequenceof last write to scan from

Implemented in Swift_Transport_StreamBuffer.

Swift_Transport_IoBuffer::setParam (   $param,

Set an individual param on the buffer (e.g. switching to SSL).


Implemented in Swift_Transport_StreamBuffer.

Swift_Transport_IoBuffer::setWriteTranslations ( array  $replacements)

Set an array of string replacements which should be made on data written to the buffer. This could replace LF with CRLF for example.


Implemented in Swift_Transport_StreamBuffer.

Swift_Transport_IoBuffer::terminate ( )

Perform any shutdown logic needed.

Implemented in Swift_Transport_StreamBuffer.

Member Data Documentation

const Swift_Transport_IoBuffer::TYPE_PROCESS = 0x0010

A process buffer with I/O support

Definition at line 28 of file IoBuffer.php.

const Swift_Transport_IoBuffer::TYPE_SOCKET = 0x0001

A socket buffer over TCP

Definition at line 25 of file IoBuffer.php.

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