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RMBreadCrumb Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 add_crumb ($caption, $link='', $icon='', $menu=array())
 add_menu ($id, $caption, $link, $icon='')
 clear ()
 construct ()
 get ()
 render ()

Private Attributes

 $crumbs = array()

Detailed Description

This class allow to manage a breadcrumb navigation for modules and other components

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Member Function Documentation

RMBreadCrumb::add_crumb (   $caption,
  $link = '',
  $icon = '',
  $menu = array() 

Add a new crumb to the crumbs

You can add new items to the crumbs array. A crumb must contain a caption text, the link that this item will follow and, optionally, an icon and a submenu.

stringCaption text
stringLink address
stringIcon url for this item
arraySubmenu for this item. This paramter must be passed as array containing caption, link and [icon]
int Id for item

Definition at line 50 of file breadcrumb.php.

RMBreadCrumb::add_menu (   $id,
  $icon = '' 

Add a submenu to an existing crumb

stringCaption text
stringLink address
stringIcon url for this item

Definition at line 73 of file breadcrumb.php.

References $id.

RMBreadCrumb::clear ( )

Clear the crumbs array

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RMBreadCrumb::construct ( )

Definition at line 20 of file breadcrumb.php.

RMBreadCrumb::get ( )


Definition at line 27 of file breadcrumb.php.

Referenced by smarty_function_breadcrumb().

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RMBreadCrumb::render ( )

Render the current crumbs array


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References $ret, and RMTemplate\get().

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Member Data Documentation

RMBreadCrumb::$crumbs = array()

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