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phMagick_resize Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 onTheFly (phmagick $p, $imageUrl, $width, $height, $exactDimentions=false, $webPath= '', $physicalPath='')
 resize (phmagick $p, $width, $height=0, $exactDimentions=false)
 resizeExactly (phmagick $p, $width, $height)

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

phMagick_resize::onTheFly ( phmagick  $p,
  $exactDimentions = false,
  $webPath = '',
  $physicalPath = '' 

Creates a thumbnail of an image, if it doesn't exits

String$imageUrl- The image Url
Mixed$width- String / Integer
Mixed$height- String / Integer
boolean,:False: resizes the image to the exact porportions (aspect ratio not preserved). True: preserves aspect ratio, only resises if image is bigger than specified measures
String - the thumbnail URL

Definition at line 90 of file resize.php.

References phmagick\setDestination().

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phMagick_resize::resize ( phmagick  $p,
  $height = 0,
  $exactDimentions = false 
phMagick_resize::resizeExactly ( phmagick  $p,

tries to resize an image to the exact size wile mantaining aspect ratio, the image will be croped to fit the measures


Definition at line 58 of file resize.php.

References phmagick\getSource(), and phmagick\requirePlugin().

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