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urls.php File Reference

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 $base = str_replace($path['filename'].'.'.$path['extension'], '', $url)
foreach($_GET as $k=> $v) $path = pathinfo(str_replace(XOOPS_URL, XOOPS_ROOT_PATH, $url))
 $path ['dirname'] = str_replace('/tpls', '', $path['dirname'])
 $rmc_config ['theme'] = $theme
 $xoopsOption ["nocommon"] = 1
if(is_file($path['dirname'].'/lang/'.$lang.'.php')) else
const RMCPATH XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/modules/rmcommon'
const RMCURL XOOPS_URL.'/modules/rmcommon'
const RMCVERSION $version

Variable Documentation

$base = str_replace($path['filename'].'.'.$path['extension'], '', $url)

Definition at line 12 of file urls.php.

Referenced by phmagick\loadPlugins().

foreach ($_GET as $k=> $v) $path = pathinfo(str_replace(XOOPS_URL, XOOPS_ROOT_PATH, $url))

Definition at line 11 of file urls.php.

$path['dirname'] = str_replace('/tpls', '', $path['dirname'])

Definition at line 14 of file urls.php.

$rmc_config['theme'] = $theme

Definition at line 25 of file urls.php.

if (is_file($path['dirname'].'/lang/'.$lang.'.php')) else
Initial value:
@include $path['dirname'].'/lang/en.php'

Definition at line 17 of file urls.php.

const RMCVERSION $version

Definition at line 26 of file urls.php.

Referenced by RMTemplate\__construct().