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tpl_functions.php File Reference

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 redirectMsg ($url, $msg='', $level=5, $icon='')
 rmc_server_var ($from, $key, $default='')
 showMessage ($msg, $level=0)
 tpl_cycle ($values, $delimiter= ',', $reset=false)
 xoops_cp_location ($location)

Function Documentation

redirectMsg (   $url,
  $msg = '',
  $level = 5,
  $icon = '' 

FunciĆ³n para mostrar un mensaje de error en determinadas pginas

string$urlPgina en la que se mostrar el error
string$msgMensaje de Error
int$levelIndicates the level of the message (error, info, warn, etc.) You can use the constants RMMSG_INFO, RMMSG_WARN... or you can specify your own level number
string$iconURL for an icon to show in message. This value is used by templates.

Definition at line 56 of file tpl_functions.php.

References $i, and $url.

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rmc_server_var (   $from,
  $default = '' 
showMessage (   $msg,
  $level = 0 

Definition at line 76 of file tpl_functions.php.

Referenced by RMHtaccess\checkHealth(), images_form(), save_block_order(), and show_rm_blocks().

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tpl_cycle (   $values,
  $delimiter = ',',
  $reset = false 

This file contains a set of useful functions for template designers

Definition at line 14 of file tpl_functions.php.

xoops_cp_location (   $location)

Create location for modules

Definition at line 45 of file tpl_functions.php.

References RMTemplate\get().

Referenced by show_mailer(), show_rm_blocks(), show_users(), and user_form().

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Here is the caller graph for this function: