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Swift_Mime_Header Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for Swift_Mime_Header:
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Public Member Functions

 getFieldBody ()
 getFieldBodyModel ()
 getFieldName ()
 getFieldType ()
 setCharset ($charset)
 setFieldBodyModel ($model)
 toString ()

Public Attributes

const TYPE_DATE = 16
const TYPE_ID = 32
const TYPE_MAILBOX = 8
const TYPE_PATH = 64
const TYPE_TEXT = 2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file Header.php.

Member Function Documentation

Swift_Mime_Header::getFieldBody ( )

Get the field body, prepared for folding into a final header value.


Implemented in Swift_Mime_Headers_MailboxHeader, Swift_Mime_Headers_IdentificationHeader, Swift_Mime_Headers_ParameterizedHeader, Swift_Mime_Headers_PathHeader, Swift_Mime_Headers_DateHeader, and Swift_Mime_Headers_UnstructuredHeader.

Referenced by Swift_Mime_Headers_AbstractHeader\toTokens().

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Swift_Mime_Header::getFieldBodyModel ( )

Get the model for the field body. The return type depends on the specifics of the Header.


Implemented in Swift_Mime_Headers_DateHeader, Swift_Mime_Headers_MailboxHeader, Swift_Mime_Headers_IdentificationHeader, Swift_Mime_Headers_PathHeader, and Swift_Mime_Headers_UnstructuredHeader.

Swift_Mime_Header::getFieldName ( )

Get the name of this header (e.g. Subject). The name is an identifier and as such will be immutable.


Implemented in Swift_Mime_Headers_AbstractHeader.

Referenced by Swift_Mime_SimpleHeaderSet\_isDisplayed(), Swift_Mime_Headers_AbstractHeader\createPhrase(), and Swift_Mime_Headers_AbstractHeader\encodeWords().

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Swift_Mime_Header::setCharset (   $charset)

Set the charset used when rendering the Header.


Implemented in Swift_Mime_Headers_AbstractHeader, and Swift_Mime_Headers_ParameterizedHeader.

Referenced by Swift_Mime_SimpleHeaderFactory\_setHeaderCharset().

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Swift_Mime_Header::setFieldBodyModel (   $model)

Set the model for the field body. The actual types needed will vary depending upon the type of Header.


Implemented in Swift_Mime_Headers_DateHeader, Swift_Mime_Headers_IdentificationHeader, Swift_Mime_Headers_MailboxHeader, Swift_Mime_Headers_PathHeader, and Swift_Mime_Headers_UnstructuredHeader.

Swift_Mime_Header::toString ( )

Get this Header rendered as a compliant string.


Implemented in Swift_Mime_Headers_AbstractHeader.

Member Data Documentation

const Swift_Mime_Header::TYPE_DATE = 16

Date and time headers

Definition at line 30 of file Header.php.

const Swift_Mime_Header::TYPE_ID = 32

Identification headers

Definition at line 33 of file Header.php.

const Swift_Mime_Header::TYPE_MAILBOX = 8

Mailbox and address headers

Definition at line 27 of file Header.php.

const Swift_Mime_Header::TYPE_PARAMETERIZED = 6

Parameterized headers (text + params)

Definition at line 24 of file Header.php.

const Swift_Mime_Header::TYPE_PATH = 64

Address path headers

Definition at line 36 of file Header.php.

const Swift_Mime_Header::TYPE_TEXT = 2

Text headers

Definition at line 21 of file Header.php.

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